Delivery boy notification

while admin assign the order .how to notify to delivery person automatically .

hi @shanid

  1. Delivery person need login on Delivery app

  2. When Vendor or Shop manager assign order to delivery person the notification will automatic show.

Check this docs to config Delivery person app:

how can i get two id ?

sir . i can not create topic on lekima

you dont answer my question. why ?

am i not your client ?

i have asked add to cart problem in comment . no replay y .?

i have an issue that i am not able to create topic . you dont reply ?

Yes, just ensure this

  • Create issue in right Category
  • Reproduction steps issue to us can find the issue.
  • No spam comment, we only support here
  • Ensure you search before ask, because you issue I already answer

but same error in add to cart problem

when i create topic . showing moderator is waiting peding you approval