Help request for Lekima License

@1bazar @Support-Lekima
dear friends how are you

First of all I am a fervent customer of yours, I think you do a great job and I want to wish you a successful new year 2022 for all of you.

Going into the matter, I want to ask for your help with the following:

To put it in context: I bought a license for the Lekima App, I didn’t have any problems with the code or with the support… however the commercial project failed, that is why I want to ask for your help to release the license of the App. domain you have and be able to use it in a personal project now at the beginning of the year. I have bought 2 Lekima licenses, but I would like to use one of them for myself… since I don’t want to lose that investment I made.

I appreciate the help

The license is: vTFRpA9VSLRezmwa7mtU

Thanks a lot