There are no templates available in Mobile Builder dashboard and mobile-builder endpoint

I used to have a selected template that for some reason is not available anymore causing my app to crash on initialization, and when I go into the mobile builder settings dashboard to create a new template the button does nothing.

To Reproduce
1.Go to WordPress admin dashboard
2.Go to Mobile Builder settings (bug 1: no templates displayed)
3.Click on create template
4.bug 2: nothing happens (endpoint returns empty 200 response to v1/mobile-builder endpoint)

Expected behaviour
I expect to at least be able to create a new template


  1. Requesting all templates (nothing happens)
  2. No response from endpoint call

Create template bug screenshots
2. Network response and payload after clicking on create template (200 but unresponsive, sends unpromted empty data)

Development info
mobile__builder 1.4.2