Update new version for app

hi @rn_oreo

Oreo Fashion is a full application and we base it on React native so you can build the source code to both Android and iOS versions. Update and bugs fixing is a normal state on software development.

I will notes here some steps you do to update your app.

  1. Check update on Codecanyon here When we update new version the last update date with a change here

And scroll down of the page to see update notes.

  1. Download a new source Hover your username and icon on to right corner => Downloads => Click to button downloads near out logo item

  2. After the download complete unzip and you will get both React native source code rn_oreo.zip and a plugin rnlab-app-control.zip

  3. Update the plugin by replacing new source code (Uninstall => delete => Upload new)

  4. Update the app If you modify a lot you need a tool to compare our change and your change can check it here: https://docs.rnlab.io/docs/v1/upgrade/upgrade

note: If you only change package name, logo and src/config/api.js config You can copy that files to new source code.

note2: I prefer testing on the development site before update to the production site. Ex: our development site: https://dev5.rnlab.io and production site: http://wc.rnlab.io

Good luck!


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this is a very common question .

Thank you.

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