When I am click on a product screen become white.. its does not goes to single product page

I have generated the apk file, when I install it on my android device everything working perfectly except when I click on any product it does not going to single product page and screen become white. I have install the latest version which is just release on 27 the January. I also uninstall most of the plugins to check that if it was any kind of plugin conflicting issue or not. But I did not notice any change after that. Please help me to solve this issue.

I have the same issue .

It’s working fine with the previous version but in the latest version facing this issue. If you get any solution please let me know.

Product list and order list shows?

Store Manager Released: ** 2.3.0 - 19-Jan-2022 **

  • Update: React Native 0.67.0-rc.6

Yes Product list and order list shows…

Yes I am using the latest version and facing the problem in the latest version of Oreo Fashion - Full React Native App for Woocommerce.

i wait the author to resolve the issue and send many message to fix that .
Finally i fix the issue and able to build iOS and android release …
steps that i do to fix the issue :

1- revert back the following file …

git checkout 4565aac4451b19032579 – src/containers/ProductItem/ItemDefault.js
git checkout 4565aac4451b19032579 – src/hoc/loading.js
git checkout 4565aac4451b19032579 – src/hoc/single-data.js
git checkout 4565aac4451b19032579 – src/screens/blog/blog.js
git checkout 4565aac4451b19032579 – src/screens/home/containers/BlogList/index.js
git checkout 4565aac4451b19032579 – src/screens/home/containers/CategoryList/index.js
git checkout 4565aac4451b19032579 – src/screens/home/containers/ProductCategory/index.js
git checkout 4565aac4451b19032579 – src/screens/home/containers/ProductList/index.js
git checkout 4565aac4451b19032579 – src/screens/home/containers/Vendors/index.js
git checkout 4565aac4451b19032579 – src/screens/profile/Page.js
git checkout 4565aac4451b19032579 – src/screens/shop/product.js

2 - modify package.json

“color”: “3.x”,
“recompose”: “^0.30.0”,
“react-native-onesignal”: “^4.3.5”,

3- Finally i configure the iOS [release version cant be build untill i do this modification ] .

Files :

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I’m also facing the same issue everything works fine only when I’m using debugging app but after the bundle release single product shows a white screen without any error.

After checking Anas_saloon Ans I’m getting some confirmation there GitHub code working fine but we have a problem we don’t need to replace all code just install https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-recompose package

and replace all
import {compose} from ‘src/recompose/compose’; code with import {compose} from ‘recompose’;

make sure you compare Anas salool GitHub code with your current version.


Still not working
i installed recompose according to your suggestion. i changed but still not working

Please check this version with all bug fixes
including a fix for apple sign in